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Kind Words


“I can not recommend Fliss enough: In my opinion, she will be an excellent step-by-step guide to any life problem and issue. What is really unique about her is that she sincerely cares about you and wants to help: She is there for you from the first minutes as a precious, understanding, caring friend to who you can talk about everything, work through anything and who is able to give you professional help out of a loving heart. Her approach and professionalism, despite a seemingly young age, is so developed and and of such high standards that if you actually listen to her and do the work your life will definitely take a whole different turn and I am the living proof“

Anastasia, Jerusalem

I have had 3 life coaching sessions with Fliss so far, and I want to leave a very positive review. Fliss is the 4th life Coach I have had sessions with and it's easy for me to say that Fliss is by far the best and most effective. What is so impressive about Fliss is her in-depth knowledge of the mind and how thoughts can really play a negative part in your life, prevent progress of your goals and affect you on so many levels too. She has given me valuable tools to start recording and being aware of negative thoughts that were plaguing my mind on a daily basis. Also her insights about how to view negative thoughts really have been so valuable to me - I literally didn't realise how hard I was on myself until Fliss pointed this out to me! As well as this, she has motivated me now to make a clear action plan, to achieve my goals within a timeframe that I can work to too. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Fliss as a life coach and can't wait to keep growing and achieving my goals with her as my coach

Garry, UK

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Fliss. She helped me work through some of my performance anxiety that was keeping me from realizing my full potential. She was fully engaged with my story and showed lots patience in helping to unravel some of my challenges. I appreciate her thoughtful insights and for helping me to see a path forward. 

Sean, US

"Fliss is such a great coach because she finds a helpful balance between exploring my personal beliefs and experiences, and giving me practical, future focused guidance. I warmed to Fliss immediately, she has helped me to understand how I am holding myself back by asking me the right questions, and how to move myself forward with personalised activities and goals. I would recommend Fliss to anyone wanting to make progress and achieve their goals"

Asha, UK